Product & Service
We specialize in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX in the business areas of finance, production, purchasing, inventory, trade, logistics and distribution. We help you to achieve:
With a comprehensive, company-wide ERP system, everyone in your organization has corporate information at their fingertips. From key decision-makers to front-line employees, you'll be able to respond to events proactively and plan for the future.
With a unified ERP solution, your management team has real-time consolidated reporting of vital financials and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With greater transparency in your finances, you'll be able to make better decisions about investments and attract capital more easily. You'll also find that sales and operations reporting leads to better sales planning and control of your accounts receivables.
Our ERP solution helps you to better manage your raw materials, inventory, warehousing, and order processing, to achieve lower costs, faster production times, and an increased ability to respond to competition and trends in your industry.
Implementing an ERP system is one of the most critical projects you can undertake That's why it has to be done right, the first time. While Microsoft Dynamics AX is incredibly flexible, powerful platforms, they're not for amateurs. You really need people who know what they're doing.

At ACT, we have been implementing Microsoft Dynamics for over 12 years. Our consulting and development teams were the first in Asia to work with Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) in 1999. Your success is our success.

Enjoy the benefits of ERP with ACT.