Industry Solutions/ Jewellery Manufacturing
“Microsoft Dynamics™ AX with the Jewellery add-on is the only enterprise solution tailored to our unique needs. By enabling the seamless flow of information between our departments, we can streamline quote-to-cash cycle and respond to customers faster than ever before.”
Sam Lau, Managing Director, SAN J Jewellery Limited
World-class  All-in-one Jewellery Total Solutions
  - Accumulated over 8 years of jewellery domain knowledge.
- Accumulated over 1,500 users’ experience
- Accumulated over 12 success cases for jewellery manufacturing and retail segments.
- Provides best of breed technology by NO. 1 software enterprise - Microsoft.
Value for Investment
  - Reduce sales quotation response time from 2-3 days to 1 hour
- Improve on-time shipment to over 95%
- Reduce production lead time by 30% or more
- Improve data transparency between departments, customers, and suppliers and eliminate waste due to error
- Enhance efficiency by automating processes, eliminating manual reports, and allocating resources effectively

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